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At Crown Xpress Transport, our status as an asset-based logistics company sets us apart in the transportation industry. We own and maintain a diverse fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, ready to meet the varied demands of our clients. Our extensive inventory includes everything from specialized trailers to eco-friendly trucks, ensuring that we can provide highly reliable and efficient service for every shipment.

Why Choose Crown Xpress Transport?

  • Diverse Equipment Options: Our wide range of trucks and trailers allows us to tailor our transportation solutions to the specific needs of your cargo.

  • Sustainability Focus: With 35% of our truck inventory comprised of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) trucks, we’re leading the way in eco-friendly transportation solutions.

  • Complete Control Over Operations: Owning our equipment enhances our flexibility and response times, giving us the ability to handle your logistics needs more efficiently.

Our Premier Transportation Equipment

1. Food Grated Trailers Our food-grated trailers are specifically designed to transport perishable goods under the most stringent hygienic conditions, ensuring your products arrive fresh and fully compliant with food safety regulations.

2. CNG Trucks Committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we have incorporated CNG trucks into our fleet, which emit up to 30% less greenhouse gases compared to traditional diesel engines.

3. 53′and 48′Trailers Our fleet includes 53′ trailers for standard freight and 48′ flatbeds for oversized loads, providing the versatility to transport a wide range of goods safely and efficiently.

4. 24′ Bobtail Trucks and Cargo Vans Ideal for urban deliveries where larger trucks might face restrictions, our 24′ bobtail trucks and compact cargo vans offer excellent maneuverability and convenience.

5. Tri-Axle Chassis and 20’/40′ Chassis We provide tri-axle chassis for heavy loads and rent out 20’/40′ chassis, which are essential for container transport, ensuring secure and stable delivery of your containerized freight.

6. Curtain Flatbeds Our curtain flatbeds combine the convenience of flatbed loading with the protection of enclosed trailers, making them perfect for delicate or weather-sensitive loads.

Our Premier Transportation Equipment 1

Technology and Maintenance

Crown Xpress Transport employs advanced technology to maintain and track our equipment. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance are performed to ensure all trucks and trailers meet the highest safety and performance standards. Our investment in technology not only extends the life of our equipment but also enhances the overall efficiency of our services.

Customizable Logistics Solutions

Understanding that no two shipments are the same, we offer customizable logistics solutions based on the specific equipment needs of our clients. Whether you need a temperature-controlled environment or special handling for oversized items, our fleet is equipped to handle it all.

Environmental Responsibility

As an asset-based carrier, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We continually seek ways to improve our sustainability practices, including investing in CNG trucks and optimizing routes to reduce fuel consumption.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Crown Xpress Transport to discuss how our asset-based equipment solutions can streamline and secure your logistics operations. With our comprehensive fleet and expert team, we are ready to support your transportation needs with precision and reliability.

Crown Xpress Transport’s commitment to being a fully equipped, asset-based company enables us to deliver superior logistics services tailored to the unique needs of our clients. With our extensive and versatile fleet, cutting-edge technology, and focus on sustainability, we are equipped to handle any challenge and deliver your cargo with confidence and care.